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Products and Services

Domestic Mail Services

Ordinary Mail
This service no longer classify as to contents. It includes postcard/postal cards, letters, printed matter, small packets, or samples of merchandise, with dimensions of not less than 9 cm x 14 cm nor more than 90 cm length and girth combined and with a maximum weight of 2 kg.

Priority Mail
The same make up, measurements and weight limits as ordinary mail; unrecorded from acceptance and onward transmissions to the office of delivery. At the office of delivery, this is recorded and delivered under receipt to the addressee or his authorized representative. Priority mail supersedes the domestic special delivery service.

Domestic Express Mail Service
Any mailable item posted for delivery within the EMS domestic network. This is a premium door-to-door service fully recorded from acceptance to delivery. Maximum weight is 20 kg. Maximum dimensions are 3.5 feet in length, 6 feet length and girth combined.

Express Pouch
● Free pick-up service
● Free sturdy plastic pouches
● Next business day door to door delivery to selected cities nationwide.
Refer to delivery commitment.

Parcel Service
Mail items exceeding the maximum weight or dimensions, or both of the ordinary mail category. Parcels may either be sent, through the domestic parcel service or the domestic express mail service. Parcels sent through the domestic parcel service shall be delivered at the counter. Maximum weight and dimensions are the same as that of the Express Mail Service above.

Business Mails
Mail items posted under permit issued, either 1st Class, 2nd Class or 3rd Class Mail Permit, Postage Charge Account, Bulk Pre-Sorted, Meter Permit, including those that are covered by Memoranda of Agreement, Contracts, and the like. Each item posted shall bear words “Business Mail” and the indicia pertaining to the permit granted, including Collect-On-Delivery (COD) Service. 2nd and 3rd class mails, including printed matter, books, Pamphlets and small pockets are mail categories applicable only to Business mail. Non-Business mail shall be charged the ordinary, priority or express mail rates, at the option of the sender.