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Products and Services

Other Postal Services

Money Order Service
for money remittances

Postal ID
Means of identification in postal transactions here and abroad; also accepted in banks and other financial institutions.

M Bags
Sold to postal patrons when they send large volume parcels to International destinations.

P.O. Box Service (Lock Box Service)
if personalized handling is required;
if client wants to pick up his/her mails anytime;
if confidentiality is required.

Commemorative and special stamps with a variety of topics issued and sold to stamp collectors.

Mail items sent whereby the address pays for the value of the item before delivery and which payment is sent by money order service, after deducting the commissions due thereon, by the delivery office.

Unaddressed Advertising Mail Service
Primarily used in surveys, advertisement, promotions, etc.. You can send brochures, flyers, cards, catalogues including product samples to your customers in specific areas of your choice. You can even send announcements, public notices, important news items and research or survey questionnaires which we will deliver at your target customers’ doorstep.

Business Reply Service
Primarily used in surveys, advertisement, promotions, etc.. You can send Business Reply Envelopes or Cards to parties within the country and the same will be returned by mail to the sender whose name appears on the envelope or card without prepayment of postage.

Address Verification Service
Offers to validate and provide Business entities, especially those involved in Direct Marketing, with the correct addresses of their customers within locality, region or nationwide at minimum cost.